Solution 1 :

Evernote Editor is one of WYSIWYG HTML Editor

You can use WYSIWYG editor with attribute contentEditable="true" on html tag

For get current element on cursor, you can find answer on Get element node at caret position (in contentEditable)

Or I have some simple code that I use on my project

getCaretNode() {
   let selection: any;
   if (window.getSelection) {
     selection = window.getSelection();
   } else if (document.getSelection() && document.getSelection().type !== "Control") {
     selection = document.getSelection();
   let anchorNode = selection.anchorNode;
   if (anchorNode === null) {
     return null;
   if (anchorNode.nodeType === 3) {
     anchorNode = anchorNode.parentNode;
   return anchorNode;

Problem :

As I know, the Evernote editor is the Rich Text Editor and differences between the input or textarea tag, so I can not use the following code to judge the type of it, is there a method to get the current element of Evernote editor where the cursor is by JavaScript instead of jQuery? === 'input' || === 'textarea'


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