Solution 1 :

i solved it like this:

onClick={e => e.detail === 1 && handleEventClick(e) }

Problem :

I have a div that has subscription for both onClick and onKeyPress (Enter click).

the desired behaviour for mouse click is: first click – open popup, second click – close popup.

the desired behaviour for enter click is: open popup.

when tabbing the focus to the div and click enter the subscribed method is fired twice, and it needs to be fired only once.
since, the same function is called twice on enter click, it opens and closes the popup.

i tried the followings:

  1. subscribe to keyUp/keyDown instead of onKeyPress.
  2. checking, in the onClick subscription if the event.detail === 0, but it was 0, when enter clicked also.
  3. in onClick, checking if the event.type === ‘mousedown’, but it was always equal to ‘click’
  4. subscribe to onMouseDown/Up instead of onClick, the enter clicked stopped working.

this is the component firing the event

const eventPressHandler = e => {
    if (e.key === 'Enter') {
      return handleEventClick(e, true);

    if (e.key === 'Tab' || (e.shiftKey && e.key === 'Tab')) {
      return closeExpanded();

  return (
          { isAllDay, isInPopper, isMultiDay, isMobile, isAgenda, isCut, isWeekend },

this is the handler in the parent component:

const handleEventClick = (eventElement, isKeyClicked) => {
    isKeyClicked && setIsEventEventEntered(true);
      expanded || type === EventTypes.ShowMore ?
        null :
      () => {
        onEventExpanded && onEventExpanded(expandedData) // i use custom hook to fire functions after the setState

I looked in a lot of similar issues but none of them had solution that worked for me.


Comment posted by Drew Reese

Is it fair to say that the

Comment posted by Itay Tur

@DrewReese your first guess was the right one, but i already figure it out, thx anyway 🙂