Solution 1 :

The problem is because you’re using a cross-domain URL. From the documentation for the download attribute:

download only works for same-origin URLs, or the blob: and data: schemes.

To fix this you need to host the image on the same domain as the parent site.

Problem :

Noob webdeveloper here.

I’m trying to download an image from an url on click. But when I use the image url as my href it just redirects to that url instead of downloading. Of course I am using the download attribute. I have tried my own code and also mulitple code blocks from other people. But all of them just redirect. I am using google chrome.

My code:

<a href = "" download="car" id="downloadQRCodeButtonHref">

Code I used from someone else 1(accepted answer):

<a download="custom-filename.jpg" href="/path/to/image" title="ImageName">
   <img alt="ImageName" src="/path/to/image">

Code I used from someone else 2:

 <p> Click the image ! You can download! </p>
$image =  basename("http://localhost/sc/img/logo.png"); // you can here put the image path dynamically 
//echo $image;
<a download="<?php echo $image; ?>" href="http://localhost/sc/img/logo.png" title="Logo title">
    <img alt="logo" src="http://localhost/sc/img/logo.png">

Some help will be appreciated. I might just be a big dum dum and overlook something extremely obvious.


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is this your answer

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This downloads an image from an already existing php page with the image on it. I want to download an image from an url. But it might come in handy. Thanks.