Solution 1 :

You could use Google’s Geocoding service. See the documentation here. And here is a sample that will console.log state coordinates (note that need a Google Maps key to make the snippet work).

Another simple way to do it is to simply use this JSON data:

Problem :

I am currently in the process of my very first project for JS. I am creating an interactive map that will display markers on each state within the US. By using Leaflet.jS, I have achieved this by coding in every state in the US. Starting in alphabetical order, I wrote the name of each state along with the coordinates.

Here is an Example of my code:

    const stateInfo = [
    state: 'Alabama',
    coords: [32.806671, -86.79113],
    abbreviation: 'al',
    state: 'Alaska',
    coords: [61.370716, 152.404419],
    abbreviation: 'ak',

Is there a simpler way to do this, instead of adding many lines of code for each state?


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You could use Google’s Geocoding service:


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