Solution 1 :

You can use the files attribute of the file input to determine how many files are in it.

        alert('Too many files');
     //U can set value = ''; if you dont want to allow submissions

// Prevent submission if limit is exceeded.
       return false;}

Problem :

Is There a way to limit the maximum number of files that can be uploaded in a multiple-file-input-field? I don’t mean the maximum number of files uploaded in one stack by choosing from the file-explorer, but added to the input field at all.

Thanks in advance!


Comment posted by Prikesh Savla

do you want to limit it before it being added?

Comment posted by Sarius

@PrikeshSavla Im not sure i understand the Question. I want to limit the absolute number of files uploaded, no matte rhow often the user chooses new files. so i guess the answer to your question would be yes

Comment posted by Prikesh Savla

But you dont mind it the validation happens after the user has chosen the files right?

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