Solution 1 :

First off create an ‘a’ tag with the link to the next page. Make sure you give it an id for the javascript part.

<a id="button" href="path_to/nextpage.html">Text for the button</a>

Do add basic CSS to it like position, width, and height. Set the opacity to 0 and pointer-events to none.

//other properties
//other properties

Once you have done this, just get a variable to point to the tag and add another setTimeout function which sets the opacity to 1 and pointer-events to all

var nextbtn = document.getElementById("button"); //or whatever id you gave the <a> tag
setTimeout(function() { = "1";"auto"
  }, 500);// you can change the delay to suit your requirements

I hope this clears your issue. Have a good day!

Problem :

I have a issue with adding a button that should become visible after a Java script function is completed.

Code source:


Note: code is not mine obviously and I take no any credit for this


I moved this code to a simple html page, everything went fine.
Once the registry form is finished, text message will display with a small time delay.

What I would like to have here is, a button with timeout function (a bit longer than text message) under the text message, from where I can navigate the user to the next page.

Once again, when the entire process of this code is finished, text message will load.
I need a button to load below that text.

I need button to move user to the next page, so it should contain a link and open in same tab could be also added.

Any help with this would be highly appreciated.


Comment posted by Greggz

You want to go to the first page again ? A button that appears under the final message, and takes you to the first page again ?

Comment posted by RollFlow

Thanks for your interest. No, I need button to move user to the next page, so it should contain a link and open in same tab could be also added.

Comment posted by Rainbow

right after

Comment posted by RollFlow

Hi @ZohirSalak I was able to spot that, but I would appreciate if you could give me the entire line of an example, because I already added many variations and everything result as a failure.

Comment posted by Rainbow

It’s rather simple just another

Comment posted by Christian Vincenzo Traina

Why use

Comment posted by coldmagma

that works too. I use opacity as I find it easier to manipulate. In another project of mine which invovled showing a div as a transition since i cannot transition between different gradients. I tried