Solution 1 :

Consider the following:


<div class="widget">


$(function() {
  var myObj = [{
      "javascript": [{
          "product": "1234"
          "product": "4321"
      "python": [{
        "product": "9876"

  function makeGroup(dObj, tObj, vert) {
    var keys = Object.keys(dObj);
    var fs = $("<fieldset>").appendTo(tObj);
    var legend = $("<legend>").html(keys[0]).appendTo(fs);
    var cg = $("<div>", {
      class: "controlgroup"
    $.each(dObj[keys[0]], function(k, v) {
      $("<label>", {
        for: "ticker-" + v.product
      $("<input>", {
        type: "checkbox",
        name: "insurance",
        value: v.product,
        id: "ticker-" + v.product
    if (vert == undefined) {
    } else {
        "direction": "vertical"

  $.each(myObj, function(i, g) {
    makeGroup(g, $(".widget"));

There were many issues with your Fiddle. I corrected these first.

In regards to iterating your Object, there are lots of ways to do this. I built a function that builds one group, largely off the following template:

  <div class="controlgroup">
    <label for="ticker-{Value}">{Value}/label>
    <input type="checkbox" name="insurance" value="{Value}" id="ticker-{Value}">

You need a fieldset for each group, this becomes the container for all the control elements in that group.

If you had a vertical control, you can use it like so:

makeGroup({ php: [{ product: 9876 }] }, $(".widget"), true);

The final parameter is optional. Example:

Problem :

I want to create a controlgroup with categories (languages) and childs (checkbox). I’m getting a little confused on resources I’m finding, wheter if I should use map/filter/redude or if I should use Objects.key, Objects.value and for in loops.

I can get to loop through the childs with map but I canĀ“t get to go on the outer loop.

obj = [
    "javascript": [
      {"product": "1234"},
      {"product": "4321"}
    "python": [
      {"product": "9876"}

// This is what I'm trying
const mountControlgroup = (language) => {
  return ( (element) => (
      `<label for="ticker_id1">${element.product}</label>
       <input type="checkbox" name="insurance" id="${element.product}">` 


Here is a running example


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How do I ask a good question?

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You can use both of them

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what were the problems with my fiddle? Also I’m checking

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@BernardoMarques do not confuse


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