Solution 1 :

You can triple-click to select the entire line/paragraph. Otherwise, ​ is a word separator as explained in this question, so the default browser action on double click is to select the word under the cursor.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang='pt-br'>
a&#8203;better&#8203;test with spaces<br>
a&#8203;better&#8203;test with spaces<br>


Solution 2 :

I found a solution which preserves the ability for a word to be soft-broken at specific positions but doesn’t interfere with selection. It’s tag </wbr>. When I replace &#8203; on </wbr> the word can be soft broken at the </wbr>s but when I click any part of a word the whole word gets selected.


Solution 3 :

If you don’t need zero width spaces, you should just remove them using .replace() and the regex flag u which enables Regex methods to recognize Unicode. The Unicode for a zero width space is: U+200B which in the land of JavaScript is: u200B.

function noZero(string) {
  return string.replace(/u200B/gu, '');

const str = document.querySelector(".zero").innerHTML;

const result = noZero(str);

document.querySelector(".clean").insertAdjacentHTML("beforeend", result);
<p class="zero">Try <u>s​e​l​e​c​t​i​n​g</u> the underlined word.</p>

<p class="clean"></p>

Problem :

I have an html page where some words are split by &#8203; so they look e.g. like ​​F​Rig​V​M​External​Variable but in the code they are actually F&#8203;Rig&#8203;V&#8203;M&#8203;External&#8203;Variable&#8203;. And the problem is that when I click the word it selects only a part that is bordered by &#8203; while the desirable behavior is for it to select the whole word

How to override default double click behavior in JS so it would treat &#8203; not as a word boundary?


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Thank you for the explanation, but it doesn’t answer the question of how to override default double click behavior so it would treat

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Javascript. You can use the

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Amazing! Well done man!

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But I do need them