Solution 1 :

You can access the window.localStorage method

By setting data to the localStorage
localStorage.setItem('key', value );

And also getting
localStorage.getItem('key', value);

You can also save an array by passing data

// let’s say am saving an array of books with objects values 

let books = localStorage.getItem('books');
books = JSON.parse(books);

I hope this helps

Solution 2 :

To save an item to local storage:

localStorage.setItem(variable, 'value');

To get data from local storage:

let var = localStorage.getItem(variable);

Take a look at the documentation. It is really simple.

Problem :

I have a simple to do app that creates to dos and displays them to the screen. However, I wan’t to save these to local storage so if someone leaves the page and returns, reloads the page, etc. the to do items remain.
I need to finish it until tomorrow and i’m struggling since hours to implement a localStorage 🙁
I appreciate every help. Thanks in advance.

here is my code on :

if ('js-delete-todo')) {
    const itemKey =;


Comment posted by Shnigi

I will give you simple tip on top of the other answers. Always and always program in English language. There is nothing more frustrating in life than finding a source code that is written in mongoloid and you can’t understand anything. Your fiddle would be more helpful if variable names etc would be in English.