Solution 1 :

You can split the input text in rows and then ‘JSON.parse’ the single row.

let myObj = this.responseText.split('n')
  .filter(line => line !== "")

Example based on your string:

let text = `{"ProgMode":"on","wait_h":"5","wait_m":"5","output":"1"}

let myObj = text.split('n')
  .filter(line => line !== "")

Solution 2 :

you don’t need to split and map, it is to heavy for this case, try this

var myObj = JSON.parse(`[${this.responseText.replaceAll("}n","},")}]`);

this is a little more complicated, but much more reliable,since it is not using any special symbols

var myObj = JSON.parse(`[{${this.responseText.substring(1).replaceAll("{",",{")}]`);

Problem :

I can’t change json format. The data store in new line.
json file:


I using below code but without bracket ([]) in json file, it doesn’t work.

    var ReqJson = new XMLHttpRequest();
function response(){
    if(this.readyState == 4 && this.status == 200){
        var myObj = JSON.parse(this.responseText);
        const dbParam = JSON.stringify({table:"ProgramView",limit:20});
        let text = "<table class='table my-0'>"
        for (let x in myObj) {
        text += '<tr><td>' + myObj[x].wait_h + ':' + myObj[x].wait_m + ':' + myObj[x].output + '</td></tr>';
        text += "</table>"    
        document.getElementById("dynamic_table").innerHTML = text;

function ProccessConfig(){"POST", "Programs.json", true);
    ReqJson.onreadystatechange = response;

So how can I parse json that is stored with new lines and without comma and brackets?


Comment posted by mplungjan

const validJSON = `[${this.responseText.split("n").join(",")}]`

Comment posted by mplungjan

Nice one. Better than mine

Comment posted by M Saberi

return this error: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected end of JSON input

Comment posted by mplungjan

@MSaberi the code works on your example string

Comment posted by M Saberi

3rd party devices fill json file with extra enter (/n) end of file. when I remove it manually everything fine. any solution to remove automatically empty line from end of the file?

Comment posted by TheGr8_Nik

@MSaberi updated the response, you can use filter to ignore empty lines

Comment posted by M Saberi

return this error: SyntaxError: Unexpected token { in JSON at position 120

Comment posted by Serge

@MSaberi It is working properly on my mashine, but maybe your json file is different from json you posted. Try this var myObj = JSON.parse(

Comment posted by Serge

@MSaberi Or you can try my updated answer if it is still not working

Comment posted by M Saberi

thanks. your latest update worked fine. and the advantage is work with any empty lines.

Comment posted by Serge

You are welcome!