Solution 1 :

Take a look at this snippet:

const removeClassElement = document.getElementById('1');
removeClassElement.className = "";
// or classList = "" or classList = null or classList.remove(...removeClassElement.classList);

const removeAttributes = document.getElementById('2');
[...removeAttributes.attributes].forEach(attr => removeAttributes.removeAttribute(;
<p id="1" class="one two three">Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet</p>
<p id="2" style="color: green; font-weight: bold" title="title">Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet</p>

Problem :

I am using typescript to adjust a templated html built file. In my TS file I have the following code:

let body = document.querySelector("body");

// Looking at using this to remove all attributes of certain types/names
[...elem.attributes].forEach(attr => elem.removeAttribute(

The body variable is the BodyElement from the DOM and pulls it in fine. I need to parse all elements to remove the attributes called:


and the class:


It would be great to forEach through this once in TS to get rid of it all quickly.


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Side Note:

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But where is

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Does this answer your question?

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If you want to remove an attribute from all elements I would suggest doing

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I want to loop though the body (let body = …) that is the BodyElement and remove all the attributes and classes mentioned and then use body.innerHTML to build a new HTML file.

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Is the [… something special in TS/JS? Just curious on that.

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“…” is JS is either “spread” or “rest” operator/syntax. Spread syntax “expands” an array into its elements, while rest syntax collects multiple elements and “condenses” them into a single element. It’s really handy to do things like shallow copies of arrays/objects, when you need to pass a list of arguments to a function but you have an array, for object immutability and most important, it helps devs to deliver less (imperative!) code