Solution 1 :



without any variables or whatever and see if it selects what you want it to.
It’s hard trying to help you because I can’t see what you’re trying to scrape.

Problem :

I’m trying to make a code that will auto-export every 1min. I have a problem with finding one element.

dropdown = Select(driver.find_element_by_xpath("/html/body/div[2]/div[3]/div/div/div/div"))
dropdown.select_by_visible_text("Export chart data...")

And here is the website:


Comment posted by Batın Evirgen

When I try to open the website you gave, it says “Access Denied” and I can’t see a dropdown with a text “Export chart data…”. You probably need to login the website using Selenium.

Comment posted by AsthmaMan

I tried everything from class to ccs selector to Xpath.

Comment posted by Insula

Have you logged in to the website? The thing you’re scraping appears to be behind a login, if you aren’t logged in then selenium can’t find what you’re looking for

Comment posted by AsthmaMan

I have logged in, that is why this thing is confusing me.

Comment posted by Insula

Hm okay that’s weird. What error code are you getting? Are you getting one where it says it can’t find the element. Also possibly the website isn’t loading in time check my edited answer

Comment posted by AsthmaMan

I have put a 10s delay just in case and it still doesn’t work. I’m getting this error: “no such element: Unable to locate element”.