Solution 1 :

If the page is loading correctly from the server but then refreshes with additional parameters in your browser, it must be triggered by JavaScript code. It can be caused by your own JavaScript, scripts injected by a third-party snippet, scripts executed by your browser extensions and so on.

Follow the steps below to find what triggers this refresh:

  • Open Developer Tools in your browser and navigate to the Network tab
  • Select the Preserve log checkbox
  • Reload your web page to replicate the issue
  • Find the request with parameter ?mn= and select it
  • Go to the Initiator tab, it will show the request call stack or request initiator chain similar to this:

Request initiator

This can help you understand what in your browser triggered the web page refresh.

Solution 2 :

Thank you.
I finally found out.
It was due to the Zoom application, a Post-attendee URL was set, as soon as a meeting is done, Zoom triggers the default browser and redirects to a website.

Problem :

My website is refreshing randomly by itself with an additional unknown URL parameter ?mn followed by a Hash. Example:

I really don’t know where it comes from. It happened even in Incognito mode.

Website is on Sitecore.

Any ideas?


Comment posted by LW001

Any extensions enabled? What does your website do? Really hard to say anything without seeing your website’s code.

Comment posted by Barmar

That might be a cacheblocker.

Comment posted by evolutionxbox

Consider adding more details? Who is the hosting provider? How is the website made? Do you have an example?

Comment posted by reevez

@LW001 I see it happens in Incognito mode, browser extension was that was my first guess.

Comment posted by Flash Thunder

your wordpress probably got hacked

Comment posted by reevez

Thanks you Anna !

Comment posted by accept the answer

Please don’t add “thank you” as an answer. Instead,