Solution 1 :

You should check the following questions:

  • Do you have a localhost running? You can find this out by a.E. pinging localhost:8080 in the terminal.
  • Did you use a leading slash when importing vue.js into your HTML file or any other resource? This is a common mistake when working with directories in servers.

I wish you much luck

Solution 2 :

Seems something else is running on 8080.

  • on your windows command line run netstat -ano. This will list all processes running on your local machine. See if something is running on port 8080. if yes, grab the process id and go into task manager to see what process it is.

Solution 3 :

In your xampp controller disable MySQL80 inside services. And now start your Apache server and MySQL server.

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enter image description here

Problem :

"version": "0.2.0",
"configurations": [
        "type": "pwa-chrome",
        "request": "launch",
        "name": "Launch Chrome against localhost",
        "url": "http://localhost:8080",
        "webRoot": "${workspaceFolder}"

when I run the program in chrome its shows the localhost refused to connect.


Comment posted by Bravo

So, do you have something running on localhost port 8080? Like, what is that configuration you’re showing? what file is that? what does it mean?

Comment posted by Pavan J

Not sure if vuejs tag is proper. Let’s remove it?

Comment posted by Bravo

css, javascript, html would also be irrelvant – since the problem is there’s no server :p

Comment posted by DhruvJoshi

on your windows command line run

Comment posted by SrihariSangeeth

how to ping localhost:8080?

Comment posted by SrihariSangeeth

when I started my CSS coding this server error started. I import a font and image from chrome…

Comment posted by…

@import url(‘

Comment posted by AXOME

You can ping an URL in different ways. If you’re on windows, click into the search bar in the task bar and type cmd, open the program and type “ping localhost:8080”. If it fails, you know there is nothing running. On linux, open your terminal and type the same command.

Comment posted by AXOME

Answering the clue with CSS: it’s very unlikely that CSS is interfering a server connection or similar… maybe you did something else at this time creating the difficulties?

Comment posted by SrihariSangeeth

there is no process in 8080 port 🙁

Comment posted by Besworks

While it’s good that you solved your problem, this answer will likely be of little use to the community. Your question does not include enough context as to what the issue was and this answer not provide any clarity on the matter.