Solution 1 :

Here is how I would do it in JavaScript:

var da = new Date();
var year = da.getFullYear(),
    month = 1+da.getMonth(),
    day = da.getDate(),
    hours = da.getHours(),
    mins = da.getMinutes();
if (month<10)
    month = `0${month}`;
if (day<10)
    day = `0${day}`;
if (hours<10)
    hours = `0${hours}`;
if (mins<10)
    mins = `0${mins}`;
var d = year+'/'+month+'/'+day,
    t = hours+':'+mins,
    result = d+' '+t;

Check this out for alternative ways to achieve this result. There exist several external plugins that make it easier to format dates in JavaScript and jQuery.

Problem :

how can I show format date ” yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm ” into input type “datettime-local” in the picture I missed “hh:mm”

enter image description here

Any idea ?