Solution 1 :

You have the spelling mistake with your command. use the below command

php artisan route:clear

Solution 2 :

you have open cmd then you have go to the project which you want to execute those command then you have to write those command.

You have to be sure that you have xampp and composer.

Problem :

please i want know
In detail step by step please

i will install plugin in script
Written on the plugin site

Run from the project root directory:

composer dump-autoload

php artisan rout:clear

how can i do it please

I have tried many tasks with no result


Comment posted by Khaled Hassan

First in order to install a library via composer you have to do

Comment posted by amr abass

sorry but i want some one Explain to me step by step I don’t understand laravel

Comment posted by How to Ask

Welcome to StackOverflow. please take a while and read

Comment posted by amr abass

Welcome Did you read the problem well? I would like to explain in some detail, please how can i used command and Where can I find command in project root directory

Comment posted by Jaya Rathinam

you should use Putty software or Winscp software to connect with your website in server and do the commands through that softwares or you can command through the terminal in cpanel

Comment posted by amr abass

Where and how to open cmd . in project ther are in directory composer.json and artisan