Solution 1 :

I don’t really understand what you mean, maybe this can help you

function Check(){
        var prod = document.getElementById('product1').value
        if(prod <= 0 || prod == ""){
            } else {
Product 1 
  <input type="number" id="product1" value="" size="5">
  <button type="button" onClick="Check()">Click</button>

Solution 2 :

For example, suppose
We have a product that has an XL size and it has 2 colors, red and blue
We have 2 pieces of blue color in stock
But there are 0 pieces of red in stock

We want to show a message to the user if the user chooses the red size XL, that the stock of this variable in the warehouse is 0.

Problem :

I want to write for WooCommerce product features with .. alert and I need help to complete the code

If the user selects a variable from the available product and one of the variables selected by the user is null, I want to show a warning to the user.


// PHP program to pop an alert
// message box on the screen
// Display the alert box 
echo '<script>alert("Welcome to Geeks for Geeks")</script>';


this is my code


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