Solution 1 :

You can groupby index and loop through it while adding the separator:

df = pd.DataFrame({"col1":list("AABBCCA"),"unit":[1,2,1,3,4,4,6]})

for _, data in df.groupby("col1"):
    print (data.to_html())
    print ('<td colspan="20" class="divider"><hr /></td>')


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Problem :

I render a pandas multi-index into an html table.

When rendering, after I passed a specific index X I want to add a separator line into the table. I can do this manually by editing the final html file:

/* .... Index X .... */
                <td colspan="20" class="divider"><hr /></td>
/* .... Index Y .... */

This produces the desired result:


Question Is there any way to capture this in code?
I want to avoid going through each HTML table I create, adding those lines manually.