Solution 1 :

There are several ways to follow it, at a beginner level you can have a scheme where the content is dynamic, that is, the Header and Footer sections are filled with a variable or code insertion, at an advanced level there are template engines, if you want to start, with php is configured very easily

Solution 2 :

I used the W3 method:

So far it is not working with both header and footer, only header is working. I am unsure why. Will be the next problem solve.

Problem :

At a beginner level I am trying to make a frontend page that has a header and a footer on all pages. Each page can have an identical header and footer. In the header, I’d like to add a Bootstrap navbar (or similar) and in the footer, something similar. But rather than just copying that header and footer to each page I’d like to just make that a separate thing and insert it into each page when it loads. This way if I update the header or footer it updates on all pages.

In the past, I have done this with Python, but I am only using frontend for this project and I am only going to publish on GitHub (it’s mostly for my own purposes).

I am using Visual Studio Code as my editor if this makes it any easier.

I will have CSS and JS folders too (if this makes any difference).

**Update Edit:

I have tried to do this, but I am missing something here.

This is what I attempted (after a quick Google search now I know what I am after):

<!--JQuery CDN-->
    <script src=""></script>
    <!--Include Content-->
        $(function () {
        var includes = $('[data-include]')
        $.each(includes, function () {
        var file = 'views/' + $(this).data('include') + '.html'

        <div data-include="header"></div>

It has been a while since I have done this, so I am rusty, but this doesn’t seem to be working for some strange reason.


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Please do not add “solved” to your question. Use the answer space below to show and explain the solution.

Comment posted by Paul Davis

Hey, thanks for that. How do I do the scheme without PHP? But I guess I could learn PHP too, I am sure there are some easy-to-follow videos.