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The issue is here you tag #your-request is not closed properly. enter image description here

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I’m using the Impulse theme on Shopify. My aim is to put some space between the div and other elements on the page. I have 2 main issues. The first is:

I added a div in my product-template.liquid file, the html is:

<div id = "replies"> Typically replies within 2-3 days! </div>

The css in the theme.css.liquid file is:

       margin-top: 15px;
       margin-bottom: 10px;

For some reason, the css isn’t being applied to the div today, even though it was yesterday. This is super weird as it should be extremely simple and straightforward.

My second issue is the same, css isn’t being applied to html in the same file.


<div class="product-single__description rte" id = "productdescription">
                {{ product.description }}


   @media screen and (max-width: 768px) {
      text-align: center;

Both these methods worked yesterday but for some reason don’t work today. Any insight would be highly appreciated.


Comment posted by Sourcerer

Have you checked inside the navigator (F12) which attributes are applied?

Comment posted by thenoobcoder

I’m pretty new to coding and started with far all the changes to css have been made in the theme.css.liquid file and html changes in their respective sections. I’m not too sure what you’re referring to when you say navigator. Would you mind clarifying? Thank you!

Comment posted by Sourcerer

I mean checking with Chrome or your favorite. Press F12, select the “Select element” icon in left side, and then check the styles/computed in the right side

Comment posted by thenoobcoder

It gives me links to various css files, so I’m not 100% sure which one you’re talking about, but it doesn’t show the css properties I linked to it

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Taka a look

Comment posted by thenoobcoder

Thank you for answering! May I ask how did you get access to my css file? How do I do it from Chrome? Thank you!

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once you navigate to the page you can see the source code of the page using

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where you can list the HTML code and links of JS and CSS files.[

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once you click over the link it opens the CSS code. [

Comment posted by thenoobcoder

any idea why it comes messily (as one big paragraph) instead of proper lines for the css when I try it for