Solution 1 :

You have specified the wrong attribute for tag, you will need to add src, not href, so your tag would be like this

<img src=""/>

Solution 2 :

Two errors:

  1. You use img href="" instead of img src=""
  2. You use an image url that is a redirected link from to the image location. You need to use a clean https://.. link.

If you fix these two your code will work.

Problem :

 <div class="top"   display=flex >
        <p>Date/Time: <span id="date-time"></span></p>
         var dt = new Date();
        <div align=right>
         <img href=""   alt="logo"  width="16"  height="16" > 


I have search earlier and found that we have to give image url and I tried using it but it is still not displaying image.

the image is the screenshot of the email received
the image is the screenshot of the email received


Comment posted by Syfer

Both the answers point you in the right direction but please dont link images linked from google search. You will damage your sender reputation and cause the IP and/or sender name might be blacklisted.