Solution 1 :

Usually, this type of error concerns the path. Try to prepend a “/” to your path, like: <script src="/js/question.js"></script>

Problem :

I am having trouble linking my javascript to my HTML. I can get my CSS to link but the javascript won’t? I have two javascript pages and both won’t link.

Here’s what I wrote in the HTML:

<script src="js/question.js"></script>

<script src="js/app.js"></script>


Comment posted by Tanner Dolby

You might not be providing the correct path to

Comment posted by ddastrodd

Also, adding the relevant code snippet would help us to help you.

Comment posted by ebbstar21

@TannerDolby it’s not telling me what’s wrong, it’s just highlighting it and not linking

Comment posted by ebbstar21

@ddcastrodd I’m sorry, I am doing this for an assessment, I wasn’t sure how much code to insert into the question. How much is a relevant code snippet?

Comment posted by Johannes

Typically, this would be due to an incorrect filepath. If for example your HTML file is inside a folder which is on the same level as the