Solution 1 :

Try this in console inside folder with your project:

rm -rf platforms plugins package-lock.json node_modules
npm install
cordova prepare

I had linking problems in Xcode and fix it only by this way (sick!).
Someones recommends this way:

npm install -g cordova
cordova platform remove ios
cordova platform add ios

Problem :

I just update cordova to version 10.0.0 and mi xcode is on version 11.3.1 now when I try to build my app I’m getting this error.

‘Cordova/CDVUIWebViewDelegate.h’ file not found

I don’t know how to set the path to this file or fix this error. Could anyone please help me?

Thanks in advance.


Comment posted by Norman Breau

Looks like you have something depending on

Comment posted by Shadab Umer

I’m also facing the same issue while running

Comment posted by Melk90

Same problem here. I tried to update the plugin but nothing. Cordova CLI 10.0.0 and cordova-ios 6.2.0

Comment posted by Asqan

I had to delete this plugin completely in order to continue..

Comment posted by InĂªs Borges

It didn’t solve my problem. I have no idea what to do